Carrie Sommer is the owner & designer of Sommer Designs, which started in 1999 as a web design studio catering to small businesses, and eventually changed direction and morphed into the design & manufacturing of women's accessories. If you've ever run your own business, you'd know that it can be all-encompassing and exhausting, leaving little time for anything else, specifically sleep, vacations and quality time with friends and family. In 2010, Carrie, burnt out and unhealthily stressed out, decided to once again to switch gears, and reclaim her life. The business is closing at the end of the year, and Carrie couldn't be happier.

She now works outside the home for a small, local, family run business that designs and handcrafts custom furniture, wall and window coverings, as well as the restoration and repair of classic modern furniture. The clients are usually high end interior designers and architects, and their high profile clients. Carrie helps with the day to day management of these complex large projects, and is so happy to be immersing herself in modern design and learning a new industry. Most importantly, Carrie is ecstatic that she is still in the design field, still gets to fondle fabric on a daily basis, but no longer has to sew a stitch.

She is totally in her element. Life works in funny ways.