Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm not even going to say it...

You know I'm going to say it. But before I do, let me tell you a story about a cardigan. I've been obsessing over a certain [color] cardigan from Nordstrom - the new Halogen Boyfriend. Looks cute, right? So last weekend, armed with a couple of Nordstrom Notes, I headed over there all pumped up to buy said cardigan. But when I tried it on, I was less than impressed. The color is not a real [blank], it's more of a goldish green. And the length was a little long on me (even though I'm nearly 5'6". Ok, 5'5" and three quarters, but we're going with 5'6"). I was so disappointed.

But of course, I couldn't let it go, no, I could not. I started combing online looking for a cute cardigan in a nameless color.

And then, on Sunday, in desperation, I succumbed to the Lands' End website. Where, low and behold, there is a YELLOW CARDIGAN AND IT'S ON SALE FOR $19.99.

Even with shipping it was only $25. And it's perfect. The sweater is totally lightweight (which is great for Southern California) and the tight vertical ribs are super slimming and keep their shape well. It was perfect with my GRAY TROUSERS.

My life is complete. Until the next obsession, of course.