Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday night in the city...

This past Saturday night we dragged our sorry selves off the hill and into the city. Everyone one of us. Including remaining teenage boys and one home from his first week at college (oh, the beauty of local education for the first time college mother!). My pal Kelley was a vendor at a new-ish event called LA Craft Experience, which was located right in Chinatown, which is an awesome place anyway. This event is so much different from any either of us had done before because it pretty much takes place in the evening. Yes! The event goes from 5 pm to midnight. (I'd die.) We got there around 6 and it was really just getting started.

I had to visit my pal right away. I feel like I never see her anymore now that I'm fully employed. *sigh*

I love going to Chinatown, there's so much color and so many little knick knack shops with so much.....crap, it's hilarious.

There was a huge line of food trucks on a little side road. We didn't partake because we had our hearts set on Chinatown Chinese food, but let me tell you, by the time we went back that way (after dark) this area was packed and the lines were 10-20 people long. What a trend this has become!

(I've heard the Patty Wagon below is awesome)

So, we had dinner and then went back to main area, and man 'o man. I have never been to Chinatown after dark and if I thought it was colorful and cool during the day - it doesn't hold a candle to Chinatown after dark.

Check. Out. The. Neon!

Unbelieveable awesomeness. The event was in collaboration with Chinatown Summer Nights, which was sponsored by our local NPR (and my favorite radio) station, KCRW. They had DJ's from the station spinning records in a couple different locations, and there was dancing at one. It's such a great idea, and it is so good for the community to get out there and support these little establishments. Everyone was busy, the food trucks were jamming, and there were just people everywhere.

Also, I got some love from my boys men.

They were so sweet to actually agree to a photo with me. This doesn't happen very often, I have to gloat.

It was a great time and a great Saturday night. We'll have to drag their asses somewhere else very soon.