Monday, September 06, 2010

Sunday in Old Towne

Oy. I must be getting old. Yesterday one of my college boys had a late afternoon meeting at school, so we took the opportunity to deposit him there and then walk to the Orange International Street Fair a couple of blocks away.

Not so much of a street fair, but more of a giant beer garden...not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's your gig. It takes place in Old Towne Orange (known for it's cute antique and gift shops) and each street has tents down the middle selling food and beer from different countries. I think I was just more surprised that there wasn't a designated beer area, like there is at most street fairs.

Actually, it was one of most crowded events I've ever walked through (with the exception of the Strawberry Festival, which has it's own fenced in beer garden).

My husband was in beer heaven, and promptly acquired a mandatory wristband so he could continually hold a cold, frothy beverage. Thank goodness we met up with our friends, Ralph and Shari, or I don't think I could have lasted the 4 hours Colin was at his meeting! See? I am old!

Granted there was cool street music flowing everywhere, and it ranged from the amateur...

to the more professional set up....

to the kitschy (Lederhosen anyone?)

to the cute and fun (they grow up so fast people!)

I keep noticing, as I get older, I have a harder time dealing with huge, drunken crowds. It's sort of like sensory overload. And after we had made the rounds about 3 times, we headed back to Chapman to wait for Colin where we found a nice spot on the grass and an impromptu jazz concert.

This is totally more my style! It turned out that these musicians didn't know each other at all, but just brought their instruments and started playing, and other musicians came and went, and it was lovely.

A perfect jam session! ♥